Reiwa 29, 2011 (Holiday) Spring Festival (canceled in case of rain)


■Taijiang Temple (Address: 1659 Jiang, Nimimachi, Ise City, Mie Prefecture)

 -般若心経百巻行 参加費 千円~(神仏・先祖の加護が与えられる百巻行)
 -念珠供養 供養料 千円~(念珠や神仏用具の供養)

 -風呂敷護摩 (風呂敷の上で勤める護摩祈祷)

【Inquiries about holding events】
・ It will be held after thorough infection prevention measures.
We ask everyone who participates in the event to wear a mask and thoroughly disinfect alcohol.