【Blog】Shirataki-no-Mori Activity Experience


With the introduction from The Toba City Tourism Association, I went to the waterfall trip experience sponsored by "Shirataki Acorn Hut Association"! When you arrive and get out of the car... Nature welcomes you on a spectacular scale 9It was a little cold because it was in the middle of the month, but the clear air was very pleasant, and the scenery that I can not see easily in everyday life spreads Change into Jinbei and go to Taki cold... painful... But... I'm getting used to that.Lol I felt reborn because the evil was blown away. After experiencing the waterfall line to the fullest, the best healing to the cold body Sa U Na in nature You can see that it warms up from the core of the body. And, it is the last of the experience meeting ... Kama-cooked rice - - - The more you chew, the sweeter the rice has become and it was really delicious. I was exposed to the greatness of nature and had a wonderful power charge It is full charge.Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.