Wind Chime Festival (July 1 ~ August 31)

This year, Taijiang Temple is holding a wind chime festival again.
There are many wishes, wind chimes with thoughts for ancestors and important people written on the precinct, so you can enjoy the sound of summer, so please come by all means.To apply for the Wind Chime Festival, please check the attached guide document or the following details.

【Wind Chime Festival Details】

・Period: July 1, 2022 ~ August 31, 2022
・Location: Taijiangji Temple Precinct
・Amount: Glass wind chimes 1,000 yen, Pottery wind chimes 2,000 yen * Cash only reception
・How to apply:
(1) Taijiang Temple reception
(2) FAX *Please use the attached application form
(3) From the inquiry form on the homepage
ーーPlease send an e-mail with the following contents written on it--
・Details of prayers and offerings
・Desired wind chimes, number (pottery/glass)