Until the end of crowdfunding [3 days left]


Thank you for always supporting us, including Taijiangji. There are only three days left in the crowdfunding challenge. When you receive support through crowdfunding, you can select the return product. Today, I would like to introduce some recommended return products! === (1) Crowdfunding only|Cat seal & goshuin book set course: 20,000 yen We will deliver a crowdfunding-only red seal in the shape of the footsteps of Gin-chan and Fuku-chan, who are Taigangji staff (cats). * The seal book is not a limited item, but is given from a regular gift. ●Thank you email ●Posting your name on the homepage (by request) ●Your name is posted on the precincts (by request) ●Tea from Koyasan ●Fulfillment of wishes Goma amulet ●Amulet of green and yellow rock ●Goshuin book *You can choose red or blue === (2) Honson Admission Ticket Course: 20,000 yen This course includes the admission of the nationally designated cultural property "Thousand-Armed Kanseon Bodhisattva". In addition, the amulet of green yellow rock is limited to crowdfunding, and the resident priest will write the brahma character (bonji) one by one on the same green yellow rock as the Okitamashinseki (Okitamashinseki) and send it to you after praying. ● Thank you email ● Posting your name on the homepage (request required) ● Posting your name on the precincts (request system) ● Koyasan tea ● Wish fulfillment Goma offering amulet ● Green yellow rock amulet ● 2 types of red seals (red seal of "Thousand Hands" and "Divine Mirror") ● Honson worship (up to 2 people per group) === We have other return items, so please check them. Left, 3 days! Thank you for your support until the end. ▼Click here for support for the water shed renovation project https://readyfor.jp/projects/taikouji First target amount: 2.5 million yen Application period: February 2(tree)9Time ~ March 31(gold)23When Language this page was automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.