Reiwa 5th year (Thursday) Kobo Daishi hydrangea prayer meeting held on Thursday, June 15


■Taijiang Temple (Address: 1659 Jiang, Nimimachi, Ise City, Mie Prefecture)

■From 9:30 a.m.: Reception, Wakasan Sutra Sutra, Buddha Copying Party
* Inkstones and brushes will be prepared, but if you wish to use a brush pen, sign pen, etc., please bring your own.

■From 11:00 a.m.: Sick healing cucumber sealed Goma prayer
※ Secret method of Secrets of Secrets that is said to be able to treat the disease by sealing the disease in it using cucumbers, burying cucumbers in the soil and rotting them.

【Prayer fee】
51,000 yen: Sutra copying, cucumber sealing, take-home lunch
41,000 yen: Sutra copying and cucumber sealing
41,000 yen: Cucumber sealed and take-home lunch
31,000 yen: Cucumber seal
21,000 yen: Sutra copying and take-home lunch
1,000 yen: Sutra

【How to apply】
Phone: 0596-42-1952
Fax: 0596-43-2284
・ Apply by e-mail from the Taijiang temple HP "Inquiry" form

【Inquiries about holding events】
・ Sutra copying and Goma prayers can be participated without reservation on the day, but the number of take-home lunches is limited, so please make a reservation in advance as much as possible.