Information on the Reiwa 5th Tanabata Festival

7May 1(Soil)~July 14(gold)Held until
Prayer Day (July 7)(gold) 19We will hold a puja from time to time. (Free participation on the day) About 1 hour to open the main statue)

In the original Futamigaura, there are Sarutahikoishi and Sarutahimeishi on both banks, and on July 7th, a special ceremony will be held to arrange the reunion of the spirits of the two stones that are said to be husband and wife, and also to meet the reunion of Hikoboshi and Orihime.
At the same time, we will also hold a reunion (memorial service) of the Holy Spirit that fulfills your wishes (prayers for good marriage, etc.) and your thoughts.

It is a special day where you can touch the string (knotted cord) tied to the wrist of the honson Senju Kannon once a year since the beginning of Taigangji Temple.
Anyone is free to touch it. We are open all day on the day.

Corporations such as local schools and welfare facilities will participate, and the precincts will be vividly colored.

Prior to the prayer day, strips of paper have been set up at the reception desk in the precincts, so why don't you stop by and write your wishes on the strips when you visit? You can write the strips to be displayed in the precincts for free.

The strips to be displayed in the main hall can be written for (300 yen per sheet).

Those who wish to pray individually will pray at the main hall by reservation system of one hour per person. (5000 yen including strips)